"I like this band. I like this Get Dead sounding band."

- Fat Mike / NOFX


Punk Rock (Finland)

Teresa Banks is a Finnish / Spanish / Italian punk band from Helsinki, that was formed after a Millencolin gig by friends who have known each other from years playing in different bands in the Finnish punk scene.

Brought together by their love for 1990s skatepunk and early 2000s melodic hardcore, the first fast chords were played together on the beginning of 2017 and their debut self-titled EP came out in January 2018. During that year, they played all around Finland and also had their first gigs abroad.

In January 2019, they released their second EP titled “Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn” which is distributed by Fast Decade Records in Finland, Melodic Punk Style in Europe, Punk & Disorderly Records in North America and Milestone Sounds in Japan.

«Teresa Banks equally derive their music from all these nineties old school Fat and Epitaph melodic punk legendary goodies, but also are firmly turned to the next generation, so this band is ideal for fans of melodic skatepunk, but also hardcore kids will love this one.»

review by Kraykulla Webzine


"Human Error"