"...Suntracen kohkaus on mukaansa tempaavaa: neljän biisin EP kuulostaa siltä, että sitä on ollut hauska tehdä. Se tekee siitä hauskan kuunnella..."

- Jesse Ryhänen / Imperiumi.net


Skate Punk (Finland)

Suntrace is a three-piece punk rock band from Kannus, Finland. They were formed in 2016 by vocalist/drummer Anssi Landin, bassist Eemil Toikkanen and guitarist Jussi Konttila.

The band's sound is quite versatile, utilizing elements of punk rock, 90's style skate punk, melodic hardcore, ska and even reggae at times. They are also known from their energetic live performances. In 2017, Suntrace released their first studio album through Melodic Punk Style called "Skate Fast Eat Ass" containing eight fast-paced and heavily 90's influenced punk rock songs.


"Safe Place"