"Part Time Killer is a perfect example of a band still doing the punk scene proud..."​

- Dying Scene
Part Time Killer


Punk Rock (Finland)

”I can´t save my soul from the lake of fire” might sound bit religious but Part Time Killer has nothing to do with religion. Unless you are talking about BAD RELIGION the legendary band which is the reason PTK even exist.

Think about toilet in the 90´s rock club. Stickers and marker tags on the walls. Punk rockers shouting at the urinal and in the middle of this chaos there´s choir singing some sweet harmonies…So another way to say it melodic 90´s style punk rock that´s what Part Time Killer is all about.

Part Time Killer has played their straightforward sing along punk rock since year 2008. After few ep´s and full length (People, Religion, Death, 2011) it´s finally time for new album “The Fight”. So, hop in your DeLorean time machine and set the year back to 1995! It´s time to take a ride! That´s what Marty McFly would do!


"Lake Of Fire"