"If you’re a fan of Much The Same or Downway, these guys are for you."

- Dying Scene


Punk Rock (Finland)

The year was 2014 when a band called Dead End Story decided to end their journey as it was and make way for a new line-up and name. From the ruins of DES rose what we now know as Neverlearn, and the progress ever since inception has been all but sluggish.

With the new line up, the band’s sound evolved from HWM/Leatherface style mid tempo punk to a more melodic and faster style of punk incorporated with catchy hooks.

«...The new album features ten all new tracks, I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with this one. I particularly enjoy the track “Pest Control”, the intro reminds me of something you might hear from Propaghandi before the song settles into a much more mellow tone, just a great song from start to finish...»

review by Dying Scene


"World Out There"