"Tiukka biisi tikkaa lähes kolmen minuutin verran, mutta bensa ei lopu tankista – ennemminkin päinvastoin."​

- Mika Roth / Desibeli.net


Skate Punk (Finland)

Knullburken was founded in the spring of 2020 with skate punk infused wet daydreams of four men.

The members have background in Hyvinkää based punk bands Expected Boy and Rakas Nikotus which combined with time spent together at the rehearsal pad listening to Lagwagon, Satanic Surfers, Propagandhi and the likes planted the seed and ultimately escalated into kicking up a new skate punk band that could only be described as very fast tempo, saucy and seasoned with juicy riffs.

For the time being, original material has been written dilligently and the recordings for the debut EP is well under way. The first single Socks Off! has thus far received a positive reception amongst listeners and the goal is to double down and extend the band's music to the reach of punk lovers all over. KNULLBURKEN - stinks and rumbles."


"Nothing But Empty Promises"