"Cowabunga dudes! Here's something for the fans of 90's punk rock, when sound was loud and kickflips high"​

- The Pickup

Blossom Hill

Punk Rock (Finland)

Since it’s formation in 2005, Blossom Hill has been all about breaking hearts and playing hard. The band consist three very mellow dudes who tend to always surprice us with their original style. If you want to live your 90’s again, this is the one for you. Be ready to grab your fisherman’s hat and take off your pants and jacket, it’s Woodstock ’94 all over again!

«...This Finnish melodic pop punk band has been at it for twelve years and seem to have a nice formula. They utilize some pleasantly distorted punk instrumentation with sugary vocals without sounding like they’re trying to be something other than pop punk. The vocal harmonies on some of the tracks are really emotive and add a lot to the performances throughout the record...»

review by Anna Farr / Razorcake.org


"The Waiting"